Upcoming East L.A. artist Actavis J details his recent decision to pursue music, connections to Compton's hottest engineer, and collaborations he's currently working towards.

By Selena Reyes

Editor In Chief

Where did you grow up?

"Los Angeles ... on the east side of it which is known as East Los Angeles, where I grew up most of my life."

How old are you?

"I'm 18 years old at the moment."

What high school did you attend? 

"I attended too many high schools but the last high school I attended was Pomona High."

Are any former classmates reacting to your music?

"They bumping my music fasho-fasho."

Being that you're so young and have the ability to create such a staple L.A. sound, do you see yourself growing in the industry choosing to pursue it as a long-term career, or is it just a stepping stone to another goal?

I see it as a long term type of career but at the same time that ain't the only goal imma pursue, I got other goals in mind and growing in this rap stuff is also one my goals, a lil bit of everything.”

When did you first begin pursuing music?

"I began pursuing this rap stuff seriously in the later months of 2019 like around mid-October of 2019."

Did anyone in your immediate neighborhood influence your decision to pursue music?

"No one in my neighborhood influenced me to pursue music it was more of motivation because once I put my first single out there everyone in my neighborhood started to like the type of music I was putting out. "

Do you find inspiration in anyone outside of L.A., anyone you see yourself collaborating with perhaps?

"Never really looked up to any other rappers for inspiration in and outside of L.A. it was more going towards what I can do with the rap stuff that influenced myself. I see myself in the future collaborating with artists in the L.A. area like Fenix Flexin, Azchike, AFN Peso, and DrakeoTheRuler. Artist I see myself collaborating outside of the L.A. area is Chito Ranas and Lil Weirdo."

All the artists you just mentioned are categorized as "Trap Rappers". Is that where you see your talent expanding or do you plan on experimenting with your sound and tuning into different styles?

"I see my talent expanding everywhere from where I am right now in L.A. to different states to different countries. I'm gonna switch up my flow and lyrics and style a bit but my lingo "Dough Maker, Dough Taker" and "Scrubz" is always gonna be my own lingo that imma come up with."

"What about rapping in Spanish, do you see that sometime in the future?"

"It depends, I'm with whatever when it comes to testing and challenging myself with different genres and beats. "

What's the story behind your track “Who Is U?”

"The story behind the track "Who Is U"  is basically setting things straight because there was a lot of false ism going around town and had to lay the facts out in this song. "

Let's compare your first song to your latest release:

"My first ever song compared to my latest release is way different than I would [have] expected it to be.

Is there any "major" difference between the two?

"The major difference I would say in comparing my first single to my latest single would have to be the quality of the audio sound, the quality of the beat sound, and the real ism I'm spitting over the track as well ... My first song was recorded in a garage with just a mic and recording program that one of my homeboys had set up so I can record my first song called "Wait On Ice". My latest release "Who Is U" was recorded in a studio with a very good and well-known engineer that goes by the name of BiggBoo and was mastered by a well known audio engineer as well that goes by the name of Arkhitectbeatz. "

BiggBoo has and is working with most of L.A.'s hottest artist, how did that collaboration come about?

“The collaboration with BiggBoo came about when I started to take my rap seriously and was looking for a good solid engineer and I seen BiggBoo's Instagram in my suggested. I DM'd him and we got a session and from there he has always been the engineer I go to when I record, he is one of the best and underrated in the L.A. scene.”

Listen to more work by Actavis J below.