by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Often turning points in intimate relationships can be counterintuitive, creating an enemy in a so-called lover. Feeling nurtured in the wrong persons embrace can rapidly become venomous.

The eastside’s own Airplane James takes a qualitative exploration of his troubled relationship in a new video for his track “Opp'' shot and directed by AlanjBe.

In the visual Airplane finds himself in a situation that is simultaneously so orderly and disorderly handled.

Airplane’s self reflection has led to a cosmic decision between being complacent with second best and completely wiping his incommoding fling from his memory.

While the artist's initial purpose is to orient his lover of his new found feelings, the track quickly takes a turn and becomes a tearing message of good riddance.

“I lost all hope of being somebody you run to. Lost all hope of you being someone I give a son to. You need someone to come through when you’re tired of you n**** and I don’t judge you. But best believe if i find a starter, ima sub you. I gotta sub you.”

Watch the video below.