By Selena Reyes

Editor In Chief

L.A. based Hip-Hop hottie Ash Bee spoke to us about remixing a Vinny West track, their plans on releasing a collaborative EP this summer, and shared how quarantine has aided her creative process.

How did the collaboration come about?

“Vinny and I actually connected via TWITTER. It all started with a follow. We’re both fans of each other’s music.”

Is there anything else you two are working on together?

“Yes. We are currently working on an EP together. It’s almost finished! We’re both extremely excited about this project. Every song we’ve done so far is amazing.“

An EP with both you and Vinny is exactly what the city needs for the summer. Are you guys planning to drop that soon?

“I know right! I’m super excited. It’s been fun working with Vinny ... We’re dropping soon, no Exact date YET. It’ll be sometime in August though.

What's your favorite song off that project?

“They’re all SO good I dead ass can’t decide, honestly (laughs).”

The original track did numbers, how does it feel to get a feature on a staple Vinny West track?

“I am HONORED to be featured on Vinny’s Daa Daa Remix. Considering I’ve been off the L.A. music scene for a few years now. This is a great opportunity for me to “Pop Out” again. I appreciate Vinny. He’s a real one!"

Being away from the music scene in L.A. for quite some time do you feel the new wave is more fitting for your style?

“The new wave definitely fits my style. I feel like Vixen Entertainment Music played a part in influencing the L.A. music scene over the past 10 years, I’ve been off the scene, but my style is still original.”

Has quarantine affected your creativity or do you feel it has helped you get your mind right? 

“I’d say quarantine has helped me get my mind right! I’ve had time to write some songs.” 

Is there any other L.A. artist you’d love to collaborate with? Any already in the works? "I’d love to connect and collaborate with all the artists in my city that’s working. Especially the ladies. I also have a VIXEN ENT single featuring Vixen Niestarr produced by Bugsy on Tha Beat, classic, releasing the end of July ... I have newly released collaborations with artists ‘Forever Young, Rayda Savage, and Vtizzle. Check out my IG for links." Follow Ash Bee on IG : [@vxnAshb]

Listen to the track below.