By Selena Reyes

Editor In Chief

Chike is continuously rising up the ranks with the amount of pressure he's been applying this year.

The rapper continues to hone his brash lyrics and bolster his confident persona through his energy-packed tracks.

His new 5-track EP produced by Fortwoe holds a title that's admiringly personal.

"Yors Truly, it’s basically a letter to my old me from my new me."

Chike told TheKnockturnal last week.

He also shared how he has been working on beats with no melodies at an attempt to "come different" and also pointed out he believes he makes the beat, "No beat makes me."

Though the rapper in notorious for his unruly in-your-face lyricism, he took to twitter to announce he is taking all criticism in regards to his newfangled style and also announced his fans are to receive a visual for the first track off the EP as early as tomorrow.

Listen to the EP below.