by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

The one stop shop Bigg Boo The Beat Junkie dropped his EP "La Familia".

The smooth body of work features artist and producers Blueface, Almighty Suspect, JoogFTR, 1TakeJay, FrostyDaSnowmann, LowTheGreat, SneakDaFreak, Zay Coronado, Wilcox the General, Rucci, Panda BaddAzz, West Side Stew, Moosey Mula, 1TakeQuan, AzChike, RonRon, ProjeckBabyTwin, Savii3rd, and Lotto Rocket.

A crowd Boo describes as:

"The L.A. Family with a twist on it."

Bigg Boo believes the new generation of producers and artist in L.A. are what make the city "stand out"and that is why he decided to "link with damn near all of them to put this project together."

" I feel like we have our own world within the city and we all tend to come together on a regular basis like a family and I rock with everyone from every camp; AzCult, GMB, DMB, 1Take, AlmightyMillionaires, Macck&CO , Hitmob, etc."

As far as the track-list on the project the producer told us he in fact had a favorite track.

Snakes” features AlmightySuspect.

“Listen to what he’s saying we can all relate!” He said.

"Speaking on my name but you claim you my fam."

The track speaks of betrayal within his own circle and impostor personas after fame.

Big Boo told us he would describe the current state of music in Los Angeles as a “beautiful sight."

" I haven’t seen so many legends since N.W.A, we’ve created a new sound that’s taking off." he added

The Compton native is focused on pushing L.A.'s sound far beyond the city and making his name a great one.

"I’m from Compton but I represent LA and the county as a whole, I’m one of the leaders in this new generation."

As far as future releases and personal goals Boo has set the bar high for himself this year.

"I got another project in the cut Ima drop around September or October of this year but till then I’m a be curating singles, my goal is to be the New DJ Khaled."

Listen to “La Familia” below.