by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

In full player mode, Chap D delivers "Fly or Die 2" a sequel album to his 2018 release "Fly or Die."

The dignified follow up features production by Tavaras Jordan, Ultra, Pryo Beats, BigBoyTraks, Ninety8, Ayo SK, Who On The Track, and Sean Santana.

The rapper first teased the album with quintessential photos uploaded to his Instagram and the drop of his single "International" produced by Ayo Sk and Ultra, late last month.

"I got bread taking women on brunch dates. World touring for these h*es, I'm baggin them state to state. Ain't no local mindset, I'm international."

Chap continued to stir up anticipation and followed up the drop with a correlating video to the fifth track on the album "Crash Landing" produced by Ninety8 and directed by RamosVSLS.

The track references the rappers opposition to being tied down, hunger for success, and affinity to silencing preconceptions of his musical ability.

Come 2021 Chap leaves no room for artists to spotlight his lane.

"He's got a style that's different from a lot of folks we hear while still bringing in that classic player sound. His choice of production and laid back raps make it so easy for new listeners and current to enjoy..."

Said highlighted producer Ultra.

"Most definitefly, from the way he chooses production, to the way he approaches them. I don't really see him lacking. He's only going to get bigger."

added collaborative producer Ayo Sk. His Jordans are laced up and he's heading our way.

Stream the ablum below.