By Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Delian is effortlessly one of the west coast's most high-powered Spanglish sensations. Today he boldly introduces himself into the world of Spanglish trap with a new track“DURA” produced by Delian and Jorge Aguilar.

In the track, a woman tough as titanium is what captures Delian's attention. A woman so focused she’s not easily impressed by money and carries her own treasure.

“She got the money, she got the fruta.”

Alongside the tracks catchy chorus, the summer infused melody hits its high point during the bridge where he flips the script and reveals he’s been the catch the women’s been after the entire time.

“Joya y hotels, Lambo, Mercedes. Lo que tu quieres siempre lo tienes. Se que me quieres y no puede tenerme nah.”

The track just may be the next viral sensation on TikTok given within the last 24 hours, the song has given a new purpose to the #DuraChallenge and has collectively gained the attention of over 150k users across the app after famous user @.KUNNO (12.2M Followers) was spotted participating in the challenge.

Tune in to the video below.