• Selena Reyes


Living in a city where everyone is a star, Dexter Kelly has found a new approach to heading into the limelight of the city’s music scene. Dropping his brand new single “Get It” he is sure to set off the summer at the appropriate pace.

Dexter Kelly is an actor, musician, and overall creative based in Los Angeles, Ca. In his youth, Dexter was most passionate about sports and music. Using writing and instruments as a creative outlet to express himself the artist had no idea I one-day music would be the focal point of his life.

Completely convinced he had found his purpose, was my purpose Dexter’s creative habits quickly changed. Growing up in Pasadena, dexter recalls playing five sports, as athletics always came easy to him. Still, his favorite thing to do growing up was to attend concerts. “There’s something about live music that made me feel so alive I couldn’t get enough of it. Music was always an escape from reality. No matter what I had going on in my life, I could turn to music to make me feel free.”

His official journey into the industry began once he took notice of the impact he could potentially have on people’s lives. Taking notice of just how influential the career was Dexter quickly grew the need to want to be able to inspire others.

Since then, he has collaborated with creatives Bredman, Max Rahn, Twelv K, YN Slatt, Robtwo, Bizness Boi, Derelle Rideout, DonDyl, Iron Mecca, T Major, and Radcity. Dexter is also most recognized for working on CWs highly acclaimed series All American.

Moving forward dexter plans on acquiring mainstream success, inspiring others to be themselves and reach their full potential by chasing whatever God has put in their heart.

Listen to the single below.