Rising Pennsylvania rapper DLNQNT and Bay Area artist 4rif are back with the release of a 2 track EP.

By Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Born in Philadelphia, raised in notoriously rustic Pennsylvania, and being of Jamaican descent, DLNQNT's (duh-linq-went) uncustomary upbringing allows for limitless creativity in his atypical sound.

DLNQNT's rise to mainstream success began when he released his track "SWISH" back in March of 2019 and transcended over 500k streams across all platforms after being used by social media giant Overtime and making an appearance in McDonald's All American Game.

Shortly after the video for his track "Clockwork," was premiered on the highly favored hip-hop YouTube Channel No Jumper by Adam22. DLNQNT's debut mixtape "DZJNTD Vol. 1 - DNT PLY "followed the release that summer, piling up over 750k streams to date.

Since then, DLNQNT has released one single, "Spiderman" ft. So Loki and Lil B, which was featured on playlists Spotify’s Internet People and EARMILK

With his tremendously successful YouTube channel "Azerrz" (5.6 Million Subscribers) drawing in both praise and commercial fanfare, 4rif has joined DLNQNT a second time to release an EP full of catchy wordplay that taps into prominent old-school cartoons.

Go Gadget/Blues Clues marks DLNQNT’s first release of 2020. The first song, “Go Gadget,” is an exuberant and lighthearted track. It features production by Callan who is best known for Lil Mosey's hit track "Blueberry Faygo".

Over a succulent marimba based melody, the rappers upturn the catchphrase of popular 80's cybernetic police officer, Inspector Gadget.

" I got 10 bad b*tches like a pageant and I got the tool on me, Go Gadget."

The track tells the story of tasteful ventures with a woman, falling in love with their sing-song verses.

The second track "Blues Clues" produced by Marcopatino flows in without fault. It's a bouncy Bay Area bop that puts a spin on the curriculum-driven 90's cartoon title.

Listen to the project below.