By Selena Reyes

Editor In Chief

During a time where music is appearing to be incrementally disposable, Laureanni is back with another track to remind listeners he is a one-of-a-kind figure when it comes to L.A. Hip Hop.

The visual not only highlights his raw lyricism but the danger in his potential. Dirt bikes, desert scenes, and wolf masks director Anecho, who has previously worked with rising duo Blake and Miles, constructed a visual paragon.

Though he prefers to hunt alone, Laureanni has proven he can be thrown to the wolves and always returns leading the pack.

Previous songs like "Losing My Mind" and "Marathon Forever" have displayed his ability to murder politically conscious tracks. This time around and without a hook, he portrays his absolute aptitude by immersing his focus on none other than his own ambition, slight arrogance, and extensive success.

"I like mine's thick and classy with a temper like Yvette. Ain't never been a Jody I'm a Melvin in the set."
"They talking who the hottest out like I ain't airing verses out. Apple doing number, sh*t with Spotify I'm losing count. Somebody give me competition, please or tell 'em move around."

Watch the video below.