Lil Uzi Drops Trailer for New Album Eternal Atake

by Cesar Granados

Staff Writer

It seems to be a repetitive trend with rappers this year taking on 9-5 jobs and simultaneously encountering peculiar people and activities.

Lil Uzi Vert dropped a trailer for his new album Eternal Atake.

In the video he plays the role of an office worker whose day is everything but ordinary.

Uzi begins his trip in an office where peculiar images on his computer screen and elsewhere guide him into a cult of some sort and a UFO crash rolls out all else.

“Baby Pluto” is Co-directed by Gibson Hazard and Uzi.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from Uzi. Although we truly didn’t except anything from him amid his recent efforts to go into retirement.

He recently started previewing the album to us through track like “Futsal Shuffle” which was a viral dance sensation.

The rapper also announced he will drop the track list to said album today via Twitter.