• Selena Reyes


Rising Hip Hop artist Tokyo spoke to us about his recent performance in L.A., his father playing a vital role in his decision to pursue music, and his favorite unreleased track.

Tokyo whose real name is Tyce Clayton shared with us how his goals include changing the music industry with his versatility and the use of various melodies. Tyce strives to do something great like Kurt Cobain while inspiring the youth with his new sound.

“I’m really here to show that I’m something new to the rap game.”

"Some artist that I will collab with in the future is probably artist like Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and PlayBoyCarti and also I'd love to work with producer Pierre Bourne and Metro Booming."

What was it like growing up in San Francisco?

"Growing up in San Francisco for me was full of many different experiences, its very diverse with many different cultures, my family made it easy for me growing up."

Where did the name “TOKYO” come from?

"I got the name Tokyo from watching and posting anime so much I was called TOKYO and it stuck!"

What’s to come from you before the summer is over?

"Before the summers over I want to have dropped "Tokyo's World" my EP I've been working on, with many different sounds never heard, where I'm really unleashing my inner rockstar. I also have a couple more shows and music videos planned as well, stay tuned."

You performed in L.A. recently, things seem to be moving in a positive direction for you. How would you describe your experience?

"My performance in L.A. was fun for me and an amazing learning experience. I loved the L.A. Crowd, my opening performance for sure woke the crowd up. I'm still touring so I got many more shows ahead of me. L.A. was the top of the iceberg."

Are there any rappers and or producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

"Some artist that I will collab with in the future is probably artist like Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and PlayBoy Carti and also I'd love to work with producer Pierre Borne and Metro Booming."

If you had to introduce anyone to your music what song would you play for them and why?

"Had to introduce anyone to my music I'd show you this song I kept hidden called "Demon Time" it captures one of my favorite melodies that I've used EVER in the studio. Its one of my favorite songs to listen to - that I've made for sure.

You spoke to me earlier about your father being your muse. Talk to me about how his music influenced your decision to pursue a career.

"Being around my father and the music scene was aesthetic to me. I just loved the lifestyle. From being in the studio to listening to the picture you've painted I just love every second of it."

Given the foregoing, how we are in the middle of a social revolution how might your actions as a rapper / prominent figure make a difference in your community or greater society? 

"I want my image in my community to bring a lot of diversity and to bring a lot of creative minds together."

Do you think there are any negative consequences on fighting for change?

"I think we should fight for change 100% until we are heard. Its a lot of silenced voices that should be voiced to the public and read about."

Listen to Tokyo's newest single "BLOX PARTY" below.