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Catch up with Crenshaw artist Brynhurst Baby as he shares his personal outlook on the Crenshaw District, explains his rap name, and his progression and collaborative goals in the industry.

Where did you grow up? 

"I grew up in Los Angeles. The Crenshaw District."

Where did your rap name come from?

"My rap name came from my big brother Hoodsta Jay from my neighborhood after Nipsey Hussle died we used to all hang in front of the store and smoke with him while he worked. One day I pulled up with all my jewelry on and sh*t he was like you the "Brynhurst Baby". So I ran with it because that’s the block and I love my section."

If you had to introduce someone to your music what song would you play for them and why?

"I would show them Ketchup, because that’s the first song I recorded when I decided I was gonna take this rap sh*t serious and put my best foot forward."

What was your first track?

"I don't really remember my "first" song I recorded but my first official single was “Stanley”. It’s the first song I uploaded on my SoundCloud. It’s more of a talking sh*t in your face song you can dance too."

How does it differ from your latest track?

My latest single “Get it Rollin” is more a vibe for the females."

What inspired you to pursue a career in the industry? 

"I was in jail thinking like damn you about to go home, and I knew I wasn’t gonna get any regular job for real and I didn’t wanna go back to school without having a couple of dollars in my pocket while I was studying. So I’m like f*ck it, I’m in the paint and ima do music."

What inspired your track “GET AT ME?”


How do you feel about the current state of rap in LA? 

"I fuck with it, I like how n****s working with each other no matter the area. A lot of older heads making shit happen."

Are there any musicians who inspire you?

"My biggest inspiration is Nip, from day one I knew big bro was gon' be the sh*t. I just hate that it took his demise for the world to respect his vision."

Are there any rappers and or producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

"Right now the only feature I’m really trynna lock in 2020 is Bino Rideaux, that n***a a vibe."

What advice would you give your younger self?

"Get off your ass and go get some money it’s out there."

What is your favorite rap song?

"My favorite song right now is Bino Rideaux "Old You" it’s unreleased. Shout out Xfoe OTB!"

What should fans look forward to in terms of your unreleased tracks? 

"2020 I’m flooding y’all shit at least 2 songs a month and a video for the majority of the songs I drop."

"What is your ultimate goal with the music? "

"I just wanna keep the torch lit for my section and my city we deserve to see niggas we grew up with make it to be successful whether it be business, entertainment, or athletics I  just wanna show my peers you can outgrow this shit and make a way for yo family without committing a crime."

Top 5 artist, you keep in rotation?:

"Not including myself ."

  1. Bino Rideaux 

  2. Dai Dmb 

  3. Lil Baby 

  4. No Cap 

  5. Roddy Ricch 

Check out the behind-the-scenes of his studio session for his record " FACTS" below.