• Selena Reyes


Where did the name “BlueBucksClan” come from?

DJ: “It was a group of us. We all were just getting to the money and that’s what we came up with, THE CLAN.”

Jeezy: “It’s a whole CLAN of us.”

The name sticks with you.

DJ: “Yeah, once you hear it once it’s over with!”

Yeah forsure! In your songs, you both constantly point out that your lyrics are quotable and are very often used across social media as photo captions and circulated heavily on twitter. 

-Do you feel social media has aided your experience and growth as artists? 

DJ:“Yeah, it does. Sh*t i feel like that’s how it grows nowadays, on social media.”

Jeezy: “Everybody be talking about it so that makes people want to go see like what’s going on. See what they talking about and they go listen to our songs.”

Definitely and I feel like with you guys especially, I have never seen any rappers lyrics get quoted this much. I can refresh my timeline on Twitter and run into five BlueBucks lyrics every single time.


How would you describe L.A.’s current music scene?

DJ: “The L.A. music scene right now? I feel like it’s looking pretty good because there’s a lot of people out here staying in their lane doing THEIR thing.”

Do you guys feel you blend in with what’s going on or patently stand out?

DJ: “I don’t feel like we blending in. I feel like we’re raising the bar to be honest. On some whole other sh*t, the fuck (LAUGHS)”

The release of “Clan Virus” coincides with the very recent drop of “Clan Way 2”. What inspired such an early drop for a new project?

DJ: “Really just because they had pushed our show back because of this virus sh*t. They postponed our show so it was already like people were begging and waiting for the show,  we had just dropped the “Clan Way 2” like what , 3-4 weeks ago.”

Right, it really wasn’t that long ago.

DJ: “We were also bored too. We get bored with ourselves and were like f*ck it we’re gonna drop it! Really because of what’s going on too. Everybody’s doing their quarantine sh*t so that’s why.”

So it was like your form of retaliation and wanting to keep your sound alive?

Jeezy: “Right! They postponed our show so we were like f*ck, we’re about to drop some sh*t TODAY.”

I could ask ‘what is expected from both of you this forthcoming year’ but already you guys have managed to deliver two seamless projects, released an extensive merch line, and announced an eminent and largely supported show. 

-What are some of your goals with the music, aside from what you have already accomplished so early this year? 

Jeezy: “I just want our music to get more out there, like in other states. Just keep on dropping videos and keep working you know.”

Just keeping the ambition alive 2020?

Jeezy : “Yeah for sure!”

Production-wise, you both are heavily tapped in with some of L.A.’s greatest. 

DJ: “TEN11 that’s my boy right there. All the producers that we’ve been f**king with I can't think of all of them right now, you know shout out to all of them.”

Are there any producers you have on your radar as far as future collaborations?

DJ: “It don’t really matter who make the beat as long as it sounds good.”


DJ: “We do lowkey want a Mustard beat tho.”

You guys would kill a mustard beat. What about a Hit Boy beat?

Jeezy: “That would go crazy!”

I was talking to Matt Brick$ earlier and he did let me know you all have stuff in the works.

DJ: “ Yeah we do got some sh*t coming with Matt Bricks actually. It’s a couple different things, we’re just tryna give y’all some time to…”

To soak it all in? (LAUGHS) Well Bricks did mention to me that sometime in the future he would like to produce an entire EP for you guys. What are your thoughts about that?

DJ: “Sh*t that might happen. We might do a project just like that with a lot of producers. We wanna do something like that but we might pick only 5 producers to all make us 5 beats and make an EP for all 5 of them.(LAUGHS)”

Jeezy: (LAUGHS) “AND all in one month!”

Well you guys have the time, there's no excuse right now. 

Jeezy: “No excuse.”