by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Upcoming San Diego producer Jay Reese talks about dropping his mixtape “Since 92”, artists on his radar and goals in the industry.

What city are you putting on the map with this drop?

"San Diego."

Describe “Since 92” in three words.

"Soulful, Heartfelt and Mindful."

Being that this is your first tape you receive a lot of support from people on Twitter, what did that feel like?

"It felt great , it made me realize that people are actually listening to my music and that’s a great feeling."

What made you dive into the industry?

"As a kid, around the age of 14-15, J Dilla and 9th Wonder have always been my influences and after I heard them I was instantly hooked on the music."

How long did the tape take to put together?

"I’ll say about two months, it was all about the vibe for me on this tape."

What artists are on your radar thus far? 

  1. Larry June 

  2. Euroz 

  3. Cozz

  4. J . Cole 

  5. Tk, that’s the bro from Daygo 

  6. Kazie, me and him got one already

  7. And my last one I’ll say Dom Kennedy 

Do you have any favorite tracks? 

"Let’s get close, her love & baby where u at are my favorites off the tape, I’ll have to throw the track “real” in there too."

You mentioned you wanted to eventually start rapping how serious are you about that? 

"Aha, I’ll say on a scale from 1-10 im about a 6 with the rapping thing."

What is your ultimate goal as a producer? 

"My ultimate goal as a producer is to just get my music heard and to learn the ins and outs of the industry, also I just want people to feel it cause this is truly the only way I can express how I feel at certain times, this first tape is special to me."

Listen to the tape below.