Interview by Selena Reyes

ditor in Chief

Where did your rap name come from?

"It’s my last name .. I ain’t too big on tryna have a rap name so I kept it simple."

Where did you grow up? "I grew up all over LA really ... eastside of Hollywood down to south-central."

If you had to introduce someone to your music what song would you play for them and why?

"All my music got a perspective of who I am but if I had to choose one song I would say “note to self”.

How would you describe your style?

"I would describe my style as something you can lay back smoke or drive to. I’m real genuine about what I rap about."

Would you say your music is diverse/ can be felt universally? —Or is it framed to fit a certain crowd?

"Yeah, I would say my music is very diverse. I create stories in music that I know someone else is going through but they can’t really put it into words."

What was your first track? -How does it differ from your latest track?

"My first track was called “yessir” .. it was the first song I ever recorded in a real studio. Looking back on that track and the tracks I recently put it out I can see I got a lot more comfortable with my craft. Before I didn’t think people would fuck with my music until I had multiple people say this was something I’m actually talented at. So I decided to take it more serious."

What inspired your track “Thoughts”?

"I actually freestyled that hook at my brother scrap crib one night after my producer Younggoon made the beat. We recorded that song in a closet at like 3 in the morning. The verse just came from what I was feeling at the time."

What inspired you to pursue a career in the industry?

"At a young age, I fell in love with music. Hearing different words that rhyme and being put together to create a song that also told a story was amazing to me. I told myself one day maybe I can do that. So I did."

How do you feel about the current state of rap in L.A.?

"LA has always been a place of talent ... right now some of the biggest artists in the game came from LA. We hot right now, I don’t think that’s changing no time soon."

Take us through your writing process, at what given moment do you decide it’s time to sit down and write?

"I mean I write all the time ... I’ll say a lot of shit in my head and if it sound cold, Ima jot it down in my phone or anything I can write on at the moment. I mostly write when I have my personal smoking sessions as well."

Are there any rappers and or producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

"Definitely would like to work with:

  1. Meek Mill

  2. J.cole

  3. Roddy Ricch

  4. NBA YoungBoy"

What advice would you give your younger self?

"Go harder in that classroom and save ya money."

What is your favorite rap song?

"Right now ...“Valuable Pain” by NBA YoungBoy and “Under the Sun” on the Dreamville album.

Them my shits right there."

Are there any musicians who inspire you?

"Meek Mill inspire me a lot."


"I seen him on YouTube battle rapping broke. To signing a deal with Ross then sitting at a table with Jay Z and P.Diddy. Made n****s around him rich ... Shit like that motivated me to do the same."

What should fans look forward to in terms of your unreleased tracks?

"Letting loose a lot more with more energy, giving the streets what they wanna hear."

What is your ultimate goal with the music?

"My ultimate goal with music is eventually starting my own label signing artists and build an empire where everybody eats."

Top 5 artist you keep in rotation:

  1. Meek Mill

  2. J.cole

  3. Nipsey Hussle

  4. NBA YoungBoy

  5. Biggie Smalls

—Top 3 albums:

  1. Championships

  2. KOD

  3. Victory Lap

What’s next? What are you currently working on for 2020?

"2020 I’m just going harder than I ever have before. I’m talking -music, clothes, promoting features all that. It’s about to get real hectic for other artists. I hope my work ethic this year inspires others."