Q&A: Producer Matt Brick$ on BlueBucksClan

by Selena Reyes

Editor In Chief

Read about how producer Matt Brick$ first tuned into the rising rap duo BlueBucksClan and what’s to come with their future collaborations.

Being that the Clan is one of L.A.’s hottest rap duos at the moment, what do you think sets them apart from what other groups are currently doing?

They're constantly giving the fans new music. A lot of artist don't understand how important it is to consistently drop music, especially when you're coming up. 

How did you come about working with the clan?

I had heard their song "Make N****s Leave" when it first dropped and I thought it was fire. My bro Omega and I got in contact with them, and we ended up producing the track "No Edges" on their first official project, Clan Way. We've been working ever since.

What has stood out to you about their artistry as a listener/ producer? 

They got some of the hardest bars and punchlines in the city right now. Almost all their lyrics are quotable!

Do you all have any future collaborations in the works? If not do you see a solid relationship in the rise with them— and future tracks possibly being under your production? 

Most definitely! Besides the 3 songs that are already out, we have a few more tracks in the vault. I want to produce a whole project for them, hopefully sometime this year. 

Find the producers work on www.MattBricks.com