Roddy Richh Remains No.1 on Billboards Hot 100

by Cesar Granados

Staff Writer

It is no secret Roddy Ricch has dropped one of the hottest albums in a minute.

Focusing on his song “The Box’ it has gained the number one spot not once but twice within the last 14 days. Something that is rarely done and has been called “legendary” by artist Meek Mill.

Justin Bieber has been away for quite some time. He dropped his anticipated comeback track “Yummy” January 3rd.

Bieber took the No. 2 spot and soon became hungry for the top spot. The video now has over 90 million views.

He went to Instagram to post a video which seems, to fans, as a cry for help, a begging Bieber.

He quickly deleted the video as viewers came in tough with their comments.

It's not necessarily over for Bieber. He has also announced he will be soon releasing a single with Quavo and Murda Beats. Perhaps he will gain that position once he hits the scene with fresh tracks.

Selena Gomez has joined the party. She dropped her album "Rare" and released a music video for the dedicated track.

Just like her ex-fling Bieber, she has recently gone rival for begging fans to stream her new album.

Many have pointed out that they had never seen pop artists this hungry for a top spot.

This week she posted a video where she tells us she is store hopping purchasing her own albums. She ended the video asking the driver if she looked desperate doing so. Uhm, Kind of?

Still, Roddy has remained at the number one spot as the box has accumulated over 100 million streams.