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Sanjana Nuwan Bandara Unleashes Two New Singles

Upcoming musician Sanjana Nuwan Bandara is steadily paving his way to the top. His infectious Hip-hop and Electric flair is absolutely what sets him apart from today's rising scene.

His most current releases “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Don’t Ask Me to Play It Softly” are an ideal combination of Hip-hop and Electronic classes.

Specifically speaking with single "Don't Kill My Vibe", Sanjana may have secured his first classic as fans will enormously value the new addition to their respective collection of singles for the artist.

His second booming single “Don’t Ask Me to Play It Softly” brings out a more sensual and grounded version of the artist. He taps into his devotion for his lover and reminisces on his challenges on the way to the top.

Listen Below.

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