by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

With the violent and deeply sexual language of new age Hip-Hop it is easy for young men in the industry to get distracted with new-found attention and questionable interest from the opposite sex.

Upcoming Compton artist TK Antisocial dropped a visual for his track "Priorities" Dec.10th, 2019.

The video stresses the importance of staying focused on prominent goals and avoiding all possibilities of becoming sidetracked. A message that is highly directed towards women.

The track was produced by CEO of "HIT MOB" Ron Ron The Producer and Radio Aktive CEO of “BEATS BETTER THAN SEX" and features artist Putyaheartinit.

The video's setting is a house party where attendee's seem to be enjoying themselves among alcoholic beverages, dancing, and an abundance of women dressed in bikini's and provocative attire.

Throughout the video the women hover over the artist despite the constant rejection.

The lyrics to the track remain true to the title's purpose:

" I can't chill without you touching me. All I wanna do is touch the cheese."

"When I'm with you girl you be boring me, that's why I'm focused on priorities."

The video has now hit over 918,000 views on YouTube.

TK ANTISOCIAL has now dropped his new album titled “California King” [Dec. 27th, 2019. ]

The album is available on all listening platforms.

The artist describes his sound as,"Melodic and memorable [something] you just can't forget."

He also shared he is deeply inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle and aspires to one day achieve his goals of becoming a "Rap CEO and MOGUL."

The rapper is scheduled to perform at “The Black and Brown Tour” on Sunday Dec. 29th, 2019 in Los Angeles.

It is clear the artist is tunnel visioned towards success and with a message of such great significance it is safe to say he will continue to strive towards said goals come 2020.

To listen to more tracks by the artist tap the link below.