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L.A.’s own Westside $tew returns with a brand new 17-track collection titled “More Slogans Than Hulk Hogan”.

The album is $tew’s first official release of the year and the first solo project we’ve seen from the artist since his self titled album “Westside $tew” (2020).

More Slogans Than Hulk Hogan includes minimal features such as Moosey Mula and Dj Pullbacc. Production on the album sees Beatsbysav, Beat-Boy, Marc Boomin, Reuelstopplaying, RJ Lamont, Enrgybeats, and Moneybeats.

What message do you want to send with this new project?

“That I’m one of the hardest artist in my city I done had a few jail set backs, and I took a two year hiatus on dropping music, now the flood is here and I really could care less what anybody gotta say about it, do sum.”

What is your biggest goal when it comes to the music industry?

“I truthfully love music, so that question is kind of hard for me to answer, I want to be respected as an artist and I want to continue to grow as an artist naturally so honestly my main goal is to be a good enough artist to even be nominated for a Grammy if I win one of course that’s a plus but just to be nominated really mean something to me.”

What goals do you have for the upcoming year regarding your career?

“Honestly, my main focus is flooding the world with my music so much that it’s hard to not see me, so yeah I’m dropping for the rest of the year non stop, it’s a slow grind and I’m content with that — this is what I decided to do with my life and I’m sticking with it. Im tryna go somewhere in life with my art.”

Tune into the album below. https://song.link/MSTHH