by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Rising Hip Hop super duo Wilcox The General and Westside $tew reveal the creative process behind their latest EP "Step Crothers" inspired by classic Adam McKay film "Step Brothers", being teammates in AAU tournaments as children, sound diversion and adaptation, and collaborative goals for the new year.

Where did the title "Step Crothers"come from?

Wilcox: "The Step Crothers concept came from $tew I ain’t gone lie. We wanted to make the work of art fun but didn’t really have a date to drop it. So when Halloween came around we felt it would pop and you know with the concept we were kind of in costume for Halloween in reference to the Stepbrothers movie."

$tew: "We pretty much just wanted to do a tape that was fun for us and had a good concept to it so when the Step Crothers idea came in we jus ran with it ."

Good relationships are built and not bought. This project is one of many you've done together, talk to us about how that relationship was born.

$tew: "Aw sh*t we done been rocking since we was kids honestly, we played on the same AAU team, went to the same school, so you know day one sh*t."

Wilcox: "Stew is my lil brother, we met when I was 11 and he was 10, playing basketball in the inner city Los Angeles. We would travel with the rest of our team across the country playing the best of the best in AAU tournaments. Fashion, video games, Jordan’s, and Nike SBz are what sparked conversations outside of basketball and as time went on we just gravitated towards each other. We went to different high schools but when we saw each other it was organic like no time had passed since the last we hung out. I guess you can saw we grew with the same morals, in the same environment, and were always on the same page."

In what direction has your sound gone since you two began collaborating?

Wilcox: "To be honest $tew has always kept his sound versatile and displays talent you know, he’ll throw a funky Detroit/Flint type beat or two on the different tapes he’s put out. No lie, he’s been tryna get me to punch-in (freestyle) on these types of beats for the longest and I figured I try out something new and it’s working. We’ve been on the Detroit wave recently and it seems as if we created a lane for ourselves. If you ask me the beats and the aggression are up one on the L.A. music scene. So I said why not and by the way, be on the lookout for similar beat selections like that in the future, I can smell the hate too. A lot of people on the L.A. music scene listen to the music but can’t rap it. Again TRIFELIFE with the versatility." $tew:"I can’t even lie we don’t even set a boundary with the music you can literally throw on any type of beat as long as it slap and we gonna get it going."

The dominos concept was an entertaining/creative take on the track what inspired that?

$tew: "I can’t lie the whole idea of the song comes from Wilcox's verse and he came up with the concept of the video."

Wilcox: "Well you know when you’re in the studio without a pen or pad in front of you, you look around for ideas and inspiration and what do you know, while we were recording the pizza man pulls up *laughs* but long story short I saw the pizza man and instantly figured out my next bar. So, yeah you know being "Mr.TRIFE" I’ve had run ins with mad boyfriends. I told one of my old side thangs to “save me in yo phone under Dominos. I don't got time for the bullsh*t. *laughs* get it together baby. Gotta be a good cheater” *laughs* then as far as the video concept, it just came naturally. I really have no words.

Do you have any personal/joint goals for the year 2021?

$tew: "Well we got the Trife Life University tape together with the rest of the guys and personally I’m dropping two projects “Suubstance Abuse” and “Upper Industry”. One is for my people who like to hear me on turnt up beats and the other is for people who like that smooth sh*t"

Wilcox: "Personal goals? Ehm I want to mainstream my clothing brand #BËËNŌNPÔĪNT® I need it in Macy’s, Finish Line, Footlocker, etc... and by the way that's also another aspect of my worth in music. I design, distribute, and own my merch 100 percent. Joint goals? I want $tew and I told be on the XXL freshman cover and finally get noticed for how dope we are."

Should we expect any more music/ videos from both of you before the year ends?

Wilcox: "Hmm, I’m not gone even hold you, we about to light it up. I know I’m dropping "UNPREDICTABLE" before the year is over then we got "TLU" finally dropping before the year ends stay ready so you don’t gotta get readI’m in no rush to drop my projects because I want them to be just right but ima still continue to drop singles and videos."

$tew: "I’m in no rush to drop my projects because I want them to be jus right but ima still continue to drop singles and videos --we all are dropping Trife Life university which will be an intro into this Trife Life music.