Yung Berg Arrested After Pistol-Whipping ‘Girlfriend’

by Selena Reyes

Editor in Chief

Hitmaka formerly known under his rap name Yung Berg was arrested Saturday for allegedly pistol-whipping his girlfriend.

The 34 year old Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star spoke out about the alleged assumptions and charges via a lengthy Instagram post.

Referring to early allegation:

“The suspect pistol-whipped victim [numerous times] resulting in verifiable injuries.”

His “partner” claims the pistol-whipping happened at a private residence in Los Angeles about 5:00 a.m., Saturday morning.

Berg denies the women was ever his girlfriend “I made a crucial mistake which could’ve costed my life THIS WOMAN WAS NOT MY GF EVER,”

— but instead someone who was setting him up to be robbed.

“I could’ve been murdered inside my home on Saturday & I would like to take this time & thank all of my family, friends, & colleagues who have reached out regarding the matter sending love and positive energy.”

He said in the same Instagram post. He also shared surveillance footage from his home.

“This footage is very alarming to all my fellow people in music & living in los angles area pls be safe and monitor who you allow in your home.”

He added.

He followed the post with an announcement from his attorney where he in detail explains what really went on that night.

According to the document, Talia Tilley, the woman who was reportedly hospitalized for her injuries, first attempted to convince Berg to hop into his hot tub in “50 degree weather,” and he sternly refused.

After the two got “physically intimate,” she then began a “calculated, unprovoked attack” on him by slapping and punching him numerous times.

Soon after, his home security system went off as three men attempted to break in.

“Pls stay safe amidst these tragic times not only for myself but the entire world. Swipe right for more & my lawyers statement 🙏🏽 Video #1 suspects passing firearms through my home gate Video #2 suspects retreating after my ADT alarm sounds & jumping gate on my property."

Watch the surveillance footage below: